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(APEC) Preparatory Course For Anglia International Examination in English


Auston’s in-house English program, APEC, has helped many students quickly move to a level of English required to enter into academic diploma or degree programmes.

Students will be engaged in language fundamentals such as Learning, Speaking and Academic Writing.

Course Outline

The programme consists of 3-levels of study. Each academic year is divided into four terms commencing February, May, June, August and October.

Elementary Level

The Elementary level aims to build a strong foundation in a student’s English language proficiency. By the end of Elementary level, students should be able to:


Intermediate Level

The Intermediate level prepares the students to write clear connected texts in wide topics and perform report writing. The student has sufficient vocabulary and structural understanding to:


Advanced Level

The Advanced level is the minimum standard of English for entry into any Auston’s academic programmes. This level aims to help students prepare for spontaneous interaction to achieve communication skills beyond simple conversation. The achievements would include being able to:


Full-Day Course

A typical English class at Auston would have less than 15 students and made up of an equal proportion of Korean, Chinese, Burmese and Vietnamese students.

  • 16 Weeks for Elementary level, 8 weeks for Intermediate and Advanced levels
  • 5 days a week

Course Fee

  • Programme fee for 3 levels (full-time study) : SGD 9450.00
  • The tuition fee covers tuition fees and study guides.
  • Auston absorbs Fee Protectiion Scheme (FPS) and Medical Insurance fee.
  • Application fees for Singaporean/ PR/ EPass/ SPass/ WPass/ LTVPass : SGD $107.00 Non Refundable
  • Application fees International Student: SGD$ 250.00 Non Refundable
  • All prices are subject to 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST).
  • All fees are subjected to change annuall


Dau Lum, Myanma – English Programme

I have received a lot of advantages from this English Course. I have not only improved in four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking, but also in other areas such as general knowledge and various interesting experiences shared by the teacher and my classmates.

I have developed my fluency in speaking, better communication skills, confidence in meetings and better understanding of professional situations. The teachers are also multi-talented instructors who know very well that learning with enjoyment and fun is the most effective way.

When I take Diploma and Bachelor programs, I believe that I will not experience any problems related to the language because I have had a lot of practice, group projects, and communication with friends. I honestly believe that this course equips us with the language skills applicable to not only our classroom practices but also our daily life and serves as a bridge in helping us to go and learn higher education.

3rd September 2018


  • Certificate of Completion
  • Term Installment

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