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Key Course Information

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Course Length   8.5 hours (1 day) 

Course Dates 4th/18th of August, 8th/22nd of September

Min Class Size   12 pax

Mode of Delivery    Workshop

Course Fees    SGD 227.00 (inclusive of GST)

Awarded by   Auston

Venue    Auston Institute of Management


* Course fees exclusive GST 7%

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Build Websites Quickly with WordPress

Have you ever wanted to build a professional looking website, but didn’t know where to start? The primary goal of this course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to become a Wordpress guru in one day, without lots of technical jargon. On the completion of this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to build a responsive, beautiful website with the latest version of Wordpress.  Not only will you know more than 99% of Wordpress users out there, but you’ll actually enjoy using Wordpress too. 

Course Synopsis

This course will guide you through every single step from installation to a finished website. This course will build competency of each trainee to install WordPress into a remote server, web publishing for various purposes, and some professional resources for further development. 


Course Outline

The course will guide you through:

  • How to install WordPress
  • How to use dashboard
  • How to do clean installation
  • How to use Media Library WordPress Settings
  • How to use Plugins
  • How to use Widgets and Themes
  • How to edit Contact Us Page, Static vs Blog Posts Legal Pages
  • How to defend your site
  • What are the recommended security settings
  • What to do when you get hacked
and more..

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Funding Type(s) Available

WDA Funding of up to 95% of course fees and Absentee Payroll. Fees listed do not reflect Absentee Payroll calculations. To calculate this funding type, please visit


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