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Benefits and Features

Our courses are designed for mature, motivated, and interested students. We will move forward at a fast pace!

Accelerated options are available – 2 years of university in less than that time.

Extremely conveniently located campus just 200 metres from Bugis MRT

Our fees are surprisingly affordable – ask about how we can help.

Why Take the Auston Institute Higher Diploma

Our Higher Diplomas are articulated for GUARANTEED entry into top up degrees from our partner universities.

Candidates with no prior qualifications should join the Auston Institute Higher Diploma for a complete academic pathway. This will be a representative of the first TWO years of university education and will be a firm foundation to build your final year studies and your career.

Candidates who have some relevant qualification such as Polytechnic Diplomas, Edexcel HNDs, etc may be required to take a portion of the higher diploma as bridging modules to ensure a complete foundation.

If you are unsure about where to begin, contact us at and we will do our best to help.

Higher Diploma in Business Management

Our higher diploma in Business Management aims to provide students with all relevant and necessary knowledge, as well as the practical aspects of business management. This pool of knowledge can be applied in real life.

This Higher Diploma grants student direct entry to our final year top-up degree in Business Management. Through this higher diploma programme, it prepares students for further higher education studies.

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Higher Diploma in Computer Science

In this higher diploma programme, students will gain the fundamental knowledge of different aspects of computer science like programming, computer architecture and networks and systems.

By the end of the entire higher diploma programme, students should be able write and test programs, work on real life projects in a team and have good grasp of how the actual computer science industry works. We prepare students for the real working wold.

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