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Career Changing? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

While a change in career may bring about new opportunities and higher pay; not doing so carefully can result in disastrous outcomes.

It is rare now to find someone who stays on in a job for life. In today’s world, where individuals are constantly seeking for change, it is not uncommon for one to look for a career switch. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid if you are looking to move into a new pasture:

1. Don’t change your career without proper planning.

Successfully changing a new job can take from six months to as long as a year. You must have a detailed plan in areas like finances, training and research to ensure success in this transition.

2. Don’t change a field without proper research

Not looking before leaping is definitely not wise. Before you change field, you have to find out if you are suited for that industry. Take time to understand more about the industry, matching of skills that you have and those that are necessary in that industry.

3. Don’t change your job just because of money

No one would turn down a higher paycheck. But, with money as the sole factor for changing your career, it could lead to job dissatisfaction.

4. Don’t change your job because you are unhappy

Many are complaining about their jobs: colleagues, bosses, pay and opportunities. They are unhappy with their current jobs and can’t wait for a time that they can leave. But, don’t just grab any other opportunities that come by. Take time to understand the reasons for unhappiness. Speak to people around you to solve the problems that you might be facing.

5. Don’t change a field because others are doing well there

Just because your friends are doing well in a particular field, it does not mean that you will do well there too. Make sure you find out more about that particular field before going into it. You can always ask your friends or find out more about the industry online.

The next time you are planning to change your career, do so carefully and with these 5 points in mind!

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