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Common Mistakes in Resume Writing

Do not underestimate mistakes in your resume. They can even deny you a chance for an interview. Nothing is ever perfect, but reducing the number of mistakes you make is possible.

It is not easy to get the job that you want, but it is very easy to be eliminated from the lists of applicants. HOW, You ask? Simple – By having lots of mistakes in your resume!

Here are common mistakes that you should avoid making in your resumes:

1. Spelling, grammatical and typo errors

By having such errors in your resume, you would be deemed as unprofessional and sloppy. Such errors would stand out more than all the experiences you have over the years.

2. No proper format

Without a proper format, it makes it difficult for reading. A resume should be properly aligned and ensure that the font used can be easily read.

3. Too long

Keep your resume to only one to two pages. Not forgetting also to put your points into bullet points and short sentences, making it easier to read.

4. Listing experiences/responsibilities but not accomplishments

By listing out your job scope, it would not help employers know how well you did in that job. With less than half a minute to read your resume, employers are more interested in what you have accomplished over the years.

5. A resume is not specially tailored for the job

Never have only one resume which you use for all the jobs that you apply for. Write a resume specifically for the job you are applying for, highlighting how and why you are suitable for that particular job.

6. Unprofessional email address

By having email addresses that are shared or ‘cute’ can cause you to be labelled as unprofessional.

Now! Look through your resumes to make sure that such mistakes are eradicated. Don’t sell yourself short when you have valuable skills and experiences.

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