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More than just BUSINESS diploma Singapore

Specialist Diploma in Digital Business Management

This is a business diploma Singapore designed for O Level and NITEC qualified students to get a diploma in both business and the digital aspects of management and operations today.

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The Inside Out Approach to Digital Business

This 4-module, university foundation programme is designed to help the young executive redefine himself/herself and their role in a business in a post-COVID world. Our 4 step approach is the ideal basis for progression towards a strong career built on sound higher-education principles.

Module 1: We begin with the individual. Understand that not all fish were meant to climb trees. What are your in-born abilities and talents and then maximize and work on those. We use a set of copyrighted personal development techniques to direct your career, understand personal motivations, and define your core learning styles. This will be the building blocks of your career and higher education success.

Module 2: SME or MNC? Set your career in the right direction by understanding the pros and cons of each of these major company-types. There is no perfect decision but as a young professional we explore the challenges of each company-type and help plot our individual futures in each.

Module 3: What does Management Do Anyway? Such a great question. 😂 We answer why ‘business’ is never just ‘business’. What is the purpose of ‘management’ and what departments do. This module also begins the question on what do we want our careers to look like?

Module 4: The borderless big picture of a digital economy. When we venture online in business, reality becomes greatly distorted. This module covers the world of economics and geo-politics and how the internet has removed barriers of trade and vendor sourcing, yet has to deal with countries fighting to maintain their borders for tax. Welcome to the real-world.


6 months 
(5 days per week, 3 hours each)


6 months
(2 days per week, up to 3 hours each)






  • Skills for Higher Education
  • Computing Productivity for Working Professionals
  • Business and the Economic Environment
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Minimum Age

16 years of age in the year of application

Minimum Academic Qualifications

– O Levels (Minimum 3 Passes) or equivalent (e.g. SPM)

– NITEC (any subject) or equivalent (e.g.NTC2)

– Higher NITEC (any subject) or equivalent (e.g. NTC3)

– Other Foundation Diplomas (e.g. Diploma in Business Administration)

Mature and Adult Learners

At least 30 years of age and 8 years of working experience may be admitted on a case by case basis with a minimum of 10 years of formal education and certificates that is deemed equivalent by the Academic Board.

English Proficiency

– A Pass (C6) or better for O Levels; or

– A minimum of IELTS 4.5 or equivalent; or

– An equivalent qualification with demonstrated equivalence to the CEFR at level B2 or higher.

Entry Requirements


Fees and Charges


Local Students

Application Fee:

Course Fees:

*Fees stated include course fees, admin fees, FPS 

We do not charge examination fee for first attempt. Subsequent attempts are chargeable.

International Students

Application Fee:
$272.50 + $45*
*VISA Processing Fees Payable to ICA

Course Fees:

*Fees stated include course fees, admin fees, FPS

Note for International Students:

When applying through our international representatives, (i.e. Agents) students should NOT pay any course fees, admin fees, application fees, or other wise to the agents in their home country. All fees should be paid directly to the school, as indicated in your offer letter. There is extensive preparation required to study in Singapore and students are encouraged to prepare their educational statements and proof of prior qualification before applying. This course will be fully conducted in the English Language

Typical Career Outcomes


After discussing with several stakeholders, it was clear that there are 2 common goals for students and working professionals who wish to become accounting professionals:

  1. Eventually become a Singapore Chartered Accountant
  2. Earn a degree in accountancy

Here is the truth for both of these routes. To become a Chartered Accountant in Singapore is a long route with many paths to the top. Read about your options first. You will realize that CA-Singapore is a postgraduate pursuit meaning it is something most likely completed AFTER your degree programmes. Secondly, to earn a degree in accountancy is good – but it is not essential at the start. In fact sometimes having ACCA passes in F 1/2/3 is too little but F1 to F9 is a lot. Furthermore you may not get the job you expect due to gaps between academic theory and the real working world.

Our Diploma is well placed to ensure you cover a sufficient variety of academic content as well as practical skills for the business environment.

Participants can expect to progress onward to roles such as:

  • Accounting Executive
  • Accounts Executive
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Bank Operations Executive
  • Basic System Integrators



Auston Institute of Management is a Singapore based Higher Education provider who has been providing qualifications and upgrading opportunities to students in the Engineering and Technology industry since 1996.

Our graduates have gone on to work in many large local companies and multi-national corporations alike. Just like many of our graduates who have gone before you, this course could lead to the next stage in your career.

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It’s time to prepare for the next phase of your career. You’ve got the will. And, by taking one module at a time toward a degree, you’ve got the way.

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