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Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Degree

Just 12 Months (Full-Time) and 16 Months (Part-Time) to receive the award of Bachelor of Engineering Honours. Degrees awarded by UWE-Bristol, UK's #21 Ranked University (The Guardian)

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What is Manufacturing Engineering?

As a manufacturing engineer, your role is to evaluate the manufacturing process in the company, identify challenges, present solutions and implement them. Some of the roles include:

  • To identify the potential improvements in the assembly or manufacturing technology
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current manufacturing systems
  • Making system designs for products or services
  • Design new products and processes (like additive manufacturing, 3D, SMART, etc)
  • Working with the design teams towards developing new prototypes
  • Manage the supply chain management and process


12 months
(5 days per week, 3 hours each)


16 months
(2 days per week, up to 3 hours each)



Course Structure


Modules in our Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Degree

As a top up degree, this course build on prior learning from the auston higher diploma in mechanical engineering or equivalent diplomas and advanced diplomas. Students who join this course are expected to have an existing understanding of structural mechanics, engineering mathematics, basic manufacturing technology, energy systems, material science, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and other core content.

Students who do not have this prior knowledge will be required to undertake lower levels of study or bridging modules before entering. Please apply with us below to find out the entry level that applies to you.

Design and Electro-Mechanical Systems

This is a challenging yet valuable module that teaches the design aspects of systems that are central to automation today. Not the aesthetic part of the design but the engineering design of it – what are the components, the sequence of the process, feedback and control loops, and managing the conflicting priorities of quality, cost, and efficiency.


This module seeks to instil a confident understanding of the discipline and will build
upon the fundamentals of dynamics and modelling presented in Level 4, with the
underpinning mathematical methods and software tools supporting the content being
taught concurrently. The philosophy is to teach the mathematical methods in an
engineering context to increase motivation and confidence in application. The focus
at this level is to use a variety of real-life authentic applications and problems as
vehicles to support the delivery of the technical and mathematical content.

Stress Analysis

List of topics covered in this module include Stress Concentration, Un-symmetric bending, Curved beams, Bending of composite beams, Torsion (non-circular cross sections) Elementary elastic plastic analysis, Buckling of struts, Beams deflections, Mohr’s Circle for stress and strain,
Rosette analysis, Failure criteria for ductile and brittle materials, Experimental Stress Analysis: Torsion (non-circular cross sections), Buckling of struts, Beams deflections, Rosette analysis

Control Engineering

This is critical curriculum that is a bridge between electrical and mechanical engineering. We teach it as a practice of using sensors and detectors to measure machine performance and outputs to control it’s continued functioning. With a gradual move towards little or no human input.

Mechanics of Materials

Also known as strength of materials this module teaches material testing procedures and methods that are essential in product design as well as specifications and failure analysis.

Materials and Structures for Special Applications

Topics covered include structure-property relations in materials, sandwich structures, smart materials and smart structures, engineering ceramics, metallurgy of nickel-base superalloys and compounds, and the new frontiers in material science.

Reliability Engineering and Asset Management

This module covers the steps of collecting data, analysis, modelling, probability testing, and life-cycle consideration in assessing the reliability of the machines and processes of your manufacturing process.

Lean Manufacturing Technology

The current holy grail of manufacturing management in engineering companies is a manufacturing process that only requires human intervention for computer aided design and then the computer takes over – producing prototypes, measuring the outputs/products that it creates and self-corrects along the way, creating the optimal manufacturing processes and settings to achieve the desired product outcome. This is SMART manufacturing technology.

Individual Project

Minimum Age

19 years of age in the year of application

Minimum Academic Qualifications

– Auston Higher Diploma in the relevant field; or

– A polytechnic of PEI Diploma from relevant major; or

Mature Candidates

At least 30 years of age and 8 years of working experience may be admitted on a case by case basis with a minimum of 10 years of formal education and certificates that is deemed equivalent by the Academic Board.

English Proficiency

– C6 or better for O Levels

– IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

– CEFR B2 or higher

Entry Requirements


Fees and Charges


Local Students

Application Fees:

Course Fees:

International Students


Manufacturing Engineers JOBS


After studying manufacturing engineering, you can get a career in different fields such as:

  • Lean manufacturing consulting (as an outsourced vendor)
  • Component manufacturing (electronics and semiconductor sector)
  • Manufacturing process management
  • Distribution and product technical support
  • Materials planning
  • Product management
  • Project engineering


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