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Cyber Stalking and Online Reconnaissance

✔Do you know what to do with one’s digital footprint in cyberspace?
✔Do you know how you can harness the information for your organization?
✔Think you know all there is to know about online security?

This is no ordinary cyber security bootcamp
Be prepared to be amazed at what you can learn
You will see some truly mindblowinng cyber skills.
Which you can immediately take it and apply it for your own requirements

Topics We Will Cover:

Cyber Stalking: how attackers gathers and analyzes information about the target during the stalking phase.

Scanning: how attackers utilizes the port and vulnerability scanners against the target and analyzes the targets exposure to the Internet.

Social Engineering: How attackers seek to influence people and how easy it is to find information about their targets.

Securing The Organization: How can you protect yourselves and the
organizations they work for against modern cyber threats.

The full price of this course is at $375 +GST. However, there will be early bird discounts for the first 10 sign ups!

Price for Early Birds: $375  $175 +GST


If you’re looking for something different, this is it

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