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How Much of Your Personal Information Do Hackers Have On You?

These days hacks take place way too often. Major service providers, mail servers, websites, banks – you name it. Far too many targets and far too much to lose.

Sure there are those attacks by kiddy-hackers trying to show that they’ve made a name for themselves. Example of web page takeover:

There is no malicious intent. Just annoying and time wasted. But what’s much scarier is this:

It’s a fake site that tricks you into logging into the website but all it really does is capture your login details to take over your account later.

So right now, I’m sure you’re thinking that You’re not dumb enough to click on any such page?

Well here are some tips to knowing if the hackers already got you. Most of the time if they did, you wouldn’t know about it.


Do you have an adobe, paypal or linkedin account? then there’s a good chance you’ve been hacked. Well, you and several thousand other people. Enter your userid or email into that page and it should tell you if your password already exists in a hackers library somewhere.

2. Ever clicked on a phishing email by accident?

If you’ve clicked on this they’ve probably got access already.

3. You use public wifi without VPNs or encryption

This would be the worst possible breach – but to make matters worse, hundreds of thousands of people continue to do it daily. All your data, chats, passwords, bank account balances, private photos… are viewable publicly.


So now what?

The good news is that protecting yourself is entirely possible. Auston has partnered with the Silverskin, a professional cyber attack company from Finland, to develop a course to build awareness of cyber exploits. Join us for a one-day course taught by the network penetration testing experts that covers:

  • How much information they can really find out about you online
  • How much information YOU leave lying around publicly
  • How hackers get in, and why they bother
  • How you accidentally let hackers into your company on a daily basis
  • Do & Dont’s of your online life
  • and cool tools of hackers that are publicly available

The best part – it’s fully skillsfuture claimable at just $380.

Next course on 14 July 2017.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is ignorance. Don’t let this be you.

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