How to Claim SkillsFuture Credit in 6 Steps

Maybe you’re taking a SkillsFuture subsidized course with Auston, or maybe you’re taking a course with one of our partner training providers. Whichever the case, please follow our steps below to submit your SkillsFuture Credit claims.
Click on each of the images to see them full screen.

Step 2:

Select SkillsFuture Credit

Step 3:

Select “Proceed to Submit a Claim”

Step 4:

Search for “Auston Institute of Management” and select your course

Step 5:

Select the course run date

skillsfuture credit claim step 5

Step 6:

Enter the payment details:

Fee Payable by You (including GST) à refer to invoiced amount

Amount of Credit to Claim à up to 100% of Fee Payable (incl. GST)

Supporting documents à invoice