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About Us

Auston Institute is focused on making sure that our students are best prepared for engineering and technology jobs in Singapore.

We’ve trained people for some of the largest electronics companies – Micron, GlobalFoundries, Skyworks and other large companies like NCS, Siemens, Flex (aka flextronics), ministries and many more.

We’ve also worked with some of the top ranked UK Universities to make sure that you can get your UK 

Trust us to get your career started on the right path at the right time.

Read about why we think we are better below:


#1 - Just In Time

Our courses teach you what you NEED to know instead of overloading you with excess theory and academics that will hardly be needed at work in 2021


#2 - We Know You

99.9% of our students are working adults just like you. what you need as a part-time student who also has to work 8 to 6 are VERY different from a 17 year old full-time student. We know the difference and cater to you.


#3 - Focus, Focus, Focus

We don't want to be a jack of all trades. We also don't want you to be one. So we teach things that help learners get jobs, good salaries, and do well. Business diplomas are a dime a dozen but engineering and technology... that is RARE. And we're specialized on that and we know what we're doing.

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