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Why It Makes Sense To Get a Degree in Engineering in Singapore

You’re ready to build a better life and you want an education that works. You know that success is no accident, and you’re ready to make your mark in a growing field. You’re tech-savvy and recognize the value of data, networks and computer science, so an engineering or technology degree may be a good fit for you. You want an education that is flexible and convenient; supportive and personal; structured and predictable — we value these qualities too and have implemented them into our university engineering degree programs.

Choose Auston Institute of Management selecting a degree programme — we offer technology degrees with flexible classes that you can take in time. You’ll take just modules at a time that are twice a week on evenings and built on the knowledge you’ve gained in previous qualifications and in your work. Classes are small and taught by experienced instructors so you’ll get help and support when you need it. The curriculum for each program is designed and approved by a group of industry leaders, so you know you’re learning up-to-date information in an ever-changing technological world. You’ll have access to resources with just the click of a button including tutorials and workshops to increase your knowledge and skills using our growing elearning platform called Google Classroom.

Engineering University Degree Programmes Part-Time

Education doesn’t come in a one-size-fits all package, you have individual goals and needs, which is why you’ll have the opportunity to customize your degree though elective courses and focus areas. We know your hard work doesn’t end when you graduate, we offer assistance for life after college, including résumé and cover letter guidance — and you’ll have the benefit of joining our family of nearly one million current students and alumni.

Choose an engineering degree programme that works for you and forge your own path to success — make it count and start earning your engineering degree.

We are constantly adding to our engineering degree programmes. These could be new titles that we co-author with our partner university or that we franchise fully from partner-universities. Our courses are designed to not be just engineering degrees but also strong academic programmes that provider our students with the necessary learning in our courses to ensure strong career outcomes. These courses are also designed for both full time and part time study.

Higher Education Degree Programmes That We Offer, Part Time

construction project management

B Sc (Hons) in Construction Project Management

The construction is one of the largest sectors in Singapore with nearly a constant flow of projects. But beyond just one area of expertise like safety or quality, this course trains you to run the full project. This is a top-up degree. This degree programme is available in full time and part time mode of study.

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electrical and electronic engineering

B Eng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

This course is designed for the electrical and electronic engineering diploma holders who want to further their careers in automation, embedded systems, and in some cases Research & Design and Innovation. This is a top-up degree. This degree programme is available in full time and part time mode of study.

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mechanical engineering degree

B Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)

If you’ve already got a diploma from polytechnic and want to improve your career opportunities in quality and testing, manufacturing, the semiconductor industry, this is the course for you. This is a top-up degree. This degree programme is available in full time and part time mode of study.

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If I Study Part Time, Who Will Award Me A Degree?

  • Ranked 28th by The Guardian League Tables Guide 2020
  • Ranked 7th Building and Country Planning (Guardian, 2020)
  • Ranked 23rd Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Guardian, 2020)
  • Ranked 20th Mechanical Engineering (Guardian, 2020)

Here's The Top Reasons That People Choose To Study With Us:


Qualify For That Promotion

Many of our students report that they get passed over for promotions because although they have extensive industry experience, they lack the paper qualifications. With a degree, you won't miss the opportunity!


Become Sought After Talent

Having a degree in a tight-labour market just means there are more people looking for someone like you with these rare and unique skills. We've specially chosen our degree titles so that graduates are more likely to succeed!


Get Recognized by Industry

There are many organizations such as SingTel, United Technologies, Rolls-Royce, and others who regularly sponsor their staff to study degrees with us. We believe that this represents how much they trust our quality and graduates.

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The pathway to higher education is long. But you can start now – and we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of people ask this question.

If you’re expecting it to be recognized by the government then the answer is:


How do we know?

1. It has been used for career advancement and job applications in the past to institutions such as Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Manpower, and other government agencies.

2. It has been used for migration and PR application purposes (e.g. some students apply to either migrate abroad to Canada, Australia, New Zealand)  or to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore.

But how about multinationals companies and government linked companies? Is this recgonised by them?

Again – yes it is. How do we know this?

1. Major companies like SingTel, United Technologies, Rolls Royce, ST Engineering and more have sponsored their staff to take these degrees with us. They vet our programmes before hand and only send the staff after approval.

2. After graduating, some of our other students have transferred companies to other major organizations such as Axiata Group, HSBC, SP Group, Micron, NCS, and others

There are many reasons why people are hired – Experience, attitude, skills, knowledge, abilities, future potential.

In 2020, a degree is a requirement to even get a basic interview at some of the top companies.


But it definitely seems to help for people in the engineering industry.

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