Why Having a Degree is Still Important For Engineers

Are you drawing a comfortable salary and feel like there is no need to go through all that trouble just to upgrade yourself?

Or maybe, all your peers are already degree graduates while you can hardly find time out of your busy work schedule to further your studies? Here’s the good news!


Singapore is heading towards a skills-based economy right?

With a focus like that, the real questions is…

Is a degree even necessary anymore?

We have done the research for you and here are some facts…

According to Department of Statistics of Singapore, Population Trends 2014 reports; Among those aged 35-44 years, 43% held university qualifications. That’s A LOT OF DEGREE HOLDERS!

Source: Singapore Statistics

51% of Singaporeans aged 25 to 34 years old are already University Graduates or higher. The same segment for 35 to 44 year old population (Source: Singapore Statistics)


Degrees are the common benchmark of having achieved academic status. It represents focus, a direction in life, a specialization, intelligence, status. For many others it demonstrates an ability to perform and survive rigorous academic and mental challenges. Degrees are not for everyone.

But for many who are at ” just the right time” a degree cannot be earned quick enough.

One of our Alumni students David Soh, who is an IT Engineer at Singtel, realized the importance of having a degree qualification and decided to pursue his Business IT degree at the age of 49. He had since graduated and we asked him how having a degree now has benefited him.

Graduating from Auston have given me more “bargaining power” in terms of career advancement. My boss was very happy when I graduated and even recommended me to the management, which was extremely encouraging.

While his peers have move on or stayed in their jobs, David got promoted shortly after obtaining his degree. In just 16 months, he went from being Diploma qualified, to a Degree Graduate and managed to improve his own career prospects.

Did you know that…

According to the Population Trend 2014 report, 1 in 2 Singaporeans aged 25-34 years are now University graduates. Today, when competing with people your age and more than half of them have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree one must decide – Should I be in the top-half or am I comfortable in the bottom-half?

Degrees these days are accessible, affordable, and student-friendly. You can earn your degree as a part-time student by attending classes just 2 times a week and with repayments as low as $400 per month. Having to quit your job and giving everything you have worked hard for is no longer necessary. These options are nearly fully available to you – the only thing that is missing is you.


Decided to take the plunge? Great! Here’s some advice.

There are probably hundreds of degree courses to choose from in Singapore but the economy is restructuring itself towards a skill-based one, people with hard skills like engineering and information technology will clearly be in demand. When combined with the rigor of a degree, and the management and research modules covered in our programme, who wouldn’t want to hire you?

Many reports calling for educational reform towards vocational and functional education. (Source: Today)

Many reports calling for educational reform towards vocational and functional education. (Source: Today)


Recent government figures showed that Singapore needs 1,000 more engineers every year for the next five years. This, couples with the fact that Singapore currently is facing a shortage in supply of engineers. Salary and career progression of engineers has improved to try to attract more people to the industry but no improvement in the trend has been reported yet.

Engineering is still in demand. We just can't convince enough people to do this job. (Source: Straits Times)

Engineering is still in demand. We just can’t convince enough people to do this job. (Source: Straits Times)



What this means is: fresh graduates in the engineering field can expect the monthly starting salary of S$2,800 to S$3,500. But with just another 5 short years of experience, salary can balloon to anything  from S$5,000 and up.

But if Information Technology is more of your thing, then you will be glad to know that the Singapore government recently set up a new Cyber Security Agency (CSA). You can now expect the demand for cyber security professionals to increase.

CyberSecurity is another hot new area. (Source: MyPaper)


It is possible that the demand for cyber security professionals has not yet taken off because there has yet to be any major security breach in Singapore. However, global revenue for cyber security in Singapore is forecast to grow by as much as 157% this year and enterprises in Asia are expected to spend about US$230 billion CyberSecurity is another hot new area. (Source: MyPaper)
(S$287 billion) to deal with security issues and data breaches.

Imagine yourself just 5 years in the future, which of these trends do you want to be in a position to benefit from?

Now that you know what you know, what are you going to do?


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