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Prospective International Student

A STEM college with a track record of excellent graduate employability

Full-Time Teaching Faculty

We engage more resident teaching faculty than visiting lecturers. This ensures that you will have access to the subject matter experts and your teachers when you need them. All your questions, answered.

Strong Student Support

In contributing to a great student experience, it is crucial that a proper college takes care of the administration so that you can focus on your studies. We’ve maintain a team of dedicated staff whose only job is to make your education journey simply seamless.

Multi-Cultural Environment

The greatest benefit of international study is the network of friends you build. At Auston Institute, we’ve planned many factors to cater for such experiences. Your classroom will have students from Korea, Myanmar, India, Vietnam, China, and of course – Singapore

Type of Study

Our full-time, part-time and pathways are designed for students from all walks of life and catering to all priorities.

Undergraduate Study

Students with no background in their selected area of study are recommended to start here. Typically students with 10 years of formal education would comments with an Auston Institute Higher Diploma over 20 months covering foundation topics, core areas of study similar to a university, and professional development modules.

Students with 12 years of formal education like A Levels are exempted from the foundation topics, and may proceed onto our Higher Diploma over 16 months. This pathway covers the core topics and professional development modules

Students with 12 years of formal education and some working experience in a relevant field may gain exemptions of up to 1 academic year. This gives the student advanced standing within the Higher Diploma bringing the total duration of study to as few as 8 months – covering advanced core topics, and professional development modules.

Upon completion of the higher diploma, students have an automatic right to enter into the top-up degrees with our University Partners, and our articulation partners overseas. Your award of your higher diploma represents 240 credits, or 120 credits for advanced standing students, of a University education at Level 4 and 5 of the UK Higher Education Framework.

Top-up Degrees

Top-Up degrees, or Final Year programs, represent the final 120 credits of study of an undergraduate degree. If you have an Auston Institute Higher Diploma, or an equivalent qualification (Edex HND) a Top-up degree is an excellent way to boost your existing qualifications and open up new career possibilities.

Despite only taking around one year to complete, Top-up students graduate with a prestigious, full Honours degrees.

Post Graduate Study

Students intending to commence MBA, MSc, or MA with Auston Institute are required to have at least a 2.2 honors degree or higher. In the absence of an honors degree, an appeal to the admissions department may be made, with sufficient professional work experience.

Mode of Study

The Programmes have a combination of both assignment and examination based grading systems

Delivery Method

Students will attend a combination of lectures, tutorials and workshops in this programme. A top-up direct honours programme may be completed in 12 to 16 months by enrolling in 2 modules per trimester over 3 or 4 academic trimesters. Each module has between 30 and 42 contact hours, with a class once a week over a duration of the semester.

Assessment Methods

Case studies are used to explore concepts applied to real-world scenarios. Experiential learning is encouraged via project-based assignments. Analysis, synthesis and evaluation are developed as themes throughout the programme. A wide variety of assessment approaches are used across the programme. These include articles, business reports, academic papers, presentations, projects and examinations (case-based, open-book and closed-book). Assessment methods may vary according to individual module requirements.

Living in Singapore

With a diverse population of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other ethnic groups, Singapore covers a wide spectrum of religions, cultures and languages, living harmoniously together. Crime rates are low and it is generally safe travelling around, even at night.Warm and humid all year-round, temperature range from 23 to 33 degrees Celsius. Singapore is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world, with excellent public transportation, communications, educational and healthcare systems.

General Cost of Living

To give you an idea of what your living expenses in Singapore will look like, here are some numbers we’ve assembled for you.

Item Estimated Amount in SGD (S$)
Meal (Inexpensive Restaurant)$5.00
Meal (Expensive Restaurant, 2 pax , 3 course)$100.00
Coke/ Soft Drink (330ml)$1.50
Taxi Starting Fare$3.20
Taxi per Kilometre Travelled$0.66
Utilities (for 85m2 apartment)$40.00
Internet (10 mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable)$39.00
Apartment (1 bedroom, City Center)$1200.00
Apartment (1 bedroom, Outside of the City)$450.00

Beyond your school fees, we would recommend a minimum budget of between $800 and $1000 monthly for all aspects of living.


Get in touch with one of our consultants in Singapore and we’ll help you out. Typically our students would spend a few days in a hostel or hotel before deciding on a place to stay but we would recommend staying a hostel for 3-4 months, normally your first semester, before moving into a cheaper place with some friends.

Remember that it is illegal to rent private rooms for less than 6 months in Singapore. Know the law!

Some of the popular hostels with our students are –


Room Search

Student Support Services

Our Student Services Department provides the following support to all our students:

  • Medical insurance coverage for hospitalisation and related medical treatment for the entire course duration.
  • An Orientation programme for all newly-enrolled students. For details on all important details disseminated during the orientation, please refer to the details below.
  • Fees collection and purchasing of Fee Protection Scheme.
  • Assist students in grievances, complaints, disputes and feedback.
  • Informing students of their course;schedules, remodule requirements, deadlines and other important information.
  • Informing students on course deferment, extension, withdrawal criteria and procedures and expulsion conditions.
  • Purchasing and collection of Textbooks.
  • Issuing official letters (e.g. Certificate;of Enrolment /Award Completion).
  • Application for Leave of absence and submission of medical certificates (MC)and Student pass application /renewal / cancellation.

All new students are required to attend the orientation session. During this session, Student Services will :

  • disseminate and reiterate important course information and other information.
  • inform students of their rights (this shall include internal and external grievance and dispute resolution procedures, fee protection scheme, reference to CPE’s official website).
  • inform students of course deferment/extension criteria and procedures suspension and expulsion conditions and give details of the organisation awarding the certificate (if applicable).

The orientation will also provide students with information such as module assessment / attendance / coursework deadlines / course duration / appeals and plagiarism. A vicinity tour will be arrange for International students to help them familiarize themselves with the Singapore environment and to provide information on transport and eateries nearby.

To contact student services, call +65 6334 5900 or email [email protected]


Auston Institute is one of the few private schools in its segment who have achieved the 4-year EduTrust certification

The Private Education Act was gazetted in October 2009 to provide the Committee for Private Education (CPE) with the legislative powers to regulate the private education sector more effectively and improve its quality. CPE has implemented a mandatory registration scheme to ensure the standards that private education providers will need to adhere to. A quality assurance framework, known as EduTrust certification, was also introduced to provide a quality differentiation mechanism for those intending to recruit international students.

Under the EduTrust Certification Scheme, private education providers must adopt a Fee Protection Scheme with the CPE-appointed service providers and provide medical insurance coverage for hospitalisation and related medical treatment throughout the entire course duration.

The Fee Protection Scheme

Auston Institute of Management (Auston Institute) plays a complementary role to our public education sector in developing human capital and supports Singapore’s position as a global education hub. To develop Auston Institute with a greater spectrum of choices for private students, the Committee for Private Education (CPE), a statutory board under Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, has been set up in 2009 to ensure a balanced and holistic approach in regulating the private education sector under a new regulatory regime, promoting greater public and consumer awareness, and facilitating the development of the sector. Auston Institute will honour this approach to benefit the local and international students and raise standards in the industry over time.

Also as required by CPE, we have in place a Fee Protection Scheme (FPS). The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students’ fees in the event Auston Institute is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. The Fee Protection Scheme also protects students if Auston Institute fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from judgment made against it by the Singapore courts.

In compliance with EduTrust, Auston adopts a Fee Protection by way of Insurance with The Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC). In this mode of FPS, students will receive Certificates of Insurance from The Overseas Assurance Corporation guaranteeing their paid course fees for the duration of their course.

This scheme is compulsory for all students.

Lonpac Insurance Bhd
100 Beach Road
#19-00 Shaw Tower
Singapore 189702
T: 6250 7388
F: 6296 3767

Certificate/Policy Number

Great Eastern General Insurance Limited
1 Pickering Street
#01-01 Great Eastern Centre,
Singapore 048659
T: 6248 2000
F: 65322214

Certificate/Policy Number

For more information on this scheme, please visit Committee for Private Education official website at

Medical Insurance

It is compulsory for ALL students to have medical insurance coverage for hospitalization and related medical treatment for the entire course duration.Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are exempted if they are covered by their own medical insurance plan. Local students may opt-in to this plan. To do so, they must indicate their participation during course-consultation and in the standard student contract. Our students are covered under AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd (Agents: Lonpac)

Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance

This is an expense reimbursement plan that helps to reduce your financial burden in event of you being hospitalised. The insurer will reimburse the eligible expenses incurred according to the limits set out in the Benefits Schedule. For more details click here

Group Personal Accident

This insurance plan will pay a lump sum benefit when the Insured Member sustains accidental bodily injury listed in the attached Schedule of Benefits. Bodily injury must be injury caused solely and directly by accident only within 12 months from the date of such accident. For more details click here


Students wishing to make claims must complete the form below and submit it to student services at the front desk.

Click here to download Claim Form

Policy Number: Q0039154

The Standard Student Contract

The PEI-Student Contract clearly states the following:

  • Course title with modules or subjects clearly listed
  • Date of commencement and completion of each intake/course
  • Scheduled holidays
  • Examinations and/or assignment dates for each intake/course
  • Name of organisation awarding/conferring the results and certificates
  • Fee collection schedule
  • Refunds for withdrawal from course

For a sample of CPE approved Student Contract, please click below links.

For students who have already enrolled with Auston Institute, you are recommended to refer to the Student Contract that has been issued to you.