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References – On the Resume or Off the Resume?

Many, myself included, always wonder if the reference list is required as part of the resume.

What do most do when they have such questions in mind? Yes, you got it right. Search for answers on Google! A simple search of things to be excluded from a resume would render you millions of results.

As a general rule, references are not to be included in your resume.

A list of references is always on a separate page and only to be submitted when the company requests for it.

There are cases where the company requires a list of references to be included as part of the application submission. For this, you would then have to submit a separate page with the list of references.

Also, take note of the necessary components needed for the list of references. Name, job title, company, address, contact number and email address are necessary for each of the references.

Always make sure that you have gotten the permission of your references before including them in the list and make sure they are comfortable to speak to your prospective employers. Secondly, inform them that they may be contacted and prepare them by providing details on the job that you have applied for.

Now you know.

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