About Auston Institute, Singapore | Auston Institute of Management

Who We Are

Auston Institute is a private school, founded in 1996, that has been preparing students for careers in Engineering, IT Technology and Project-Management through higher education learning

Corporate Info


Providing whole person education through character development, social growth, and career links.

Our Vision

An excellent choice of college for higher education in challenging, technical fields.

Our Values

Be Reliable
We must trust one another to get the jobs done. This means that when we say we will do something, we get it done on time, every time. No second guessing, no nagging. Just a happy environment of people working together.

We Respect Each Other
Stay positive and constructive. Everyone is here to work and learn so encourage each other and be a respectful team player.

Genuine Relationships Through Understanding
Listen before you speak and do so clearly and effectively. Understanding then builds genuine relationships.

Our Culture

We aim to create a culture that encourages friendship, open communication, trust and respect within the organization and with our stakeholders.

Why Study Auston

People choose us for the personal-attention they receive and the positive student experience praised by many.

  • An internationally recognised degree with wide acceptance
  • A convenient and conducive teaching location
  • Flexible intakes in March, June/ July or October/ November
  • Accelerated study options
  • An internationally recognised degree with wide acceptance

Graduates Hired

Some of the companies that employ our graduates are:

  • DBS Securities
  • Hewlett Packard Pte Ltd
  • Philips Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Technologies
  • Singapore Power
  • Siemens Advanced Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Starhub Pte Ltd
  • Micron Electronics
  • Otis Elevator Co (S) Pte Ltd
  • Samsung Electronics
  • and more…

Academic Board

Auston Institute is proud to appoint the following individuals as members of our Academic & Exam board.

  • Professor S. Gopinathan
  • Mr Michael Lin
  • Ms Thanalakshmi D/O Thambiayya
  • Mr John S.Mateo

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Advisory Council

  • Professor S. Gopinathan, Chairman
  • Professor Pang Eng Fong. Member
  • Professor Chua Soo Jin, Member
  • Professor Seah Kar Heng, Member
  • Ms Teo Poh Kim, Member

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Learning Methodology

Besides well structured class sizes and lesson plans, Auston also adopts learning methods at all levels including:

  • Tutorials to support understanding
  • Revision sessions for all classes
  • Student led presentations
  • Extra-curricular study requirements
  • Lab sessions where appropriate

Our Classrooms and Auditoriums are equipped with

  • Teaching aids such as whiteboard and A1 Paper
  • Over-head projectors and matte-screens
  • Multimedia sound systems
  • Wi-Fi internet access

Organization Chart


Engineering Lab

  • Telecommunication Training System (with Fiber Optics)
  • Antenna Training System
  • Texas Instruments DSP Development Boardsr
  • M68H12 Microcontroller Development Boards
  • Arduino Microcontroller Boards
  • MultiSim Simulation Software
  • Matlab Software
  • Labview Virtual Instrumentation System
  • Laboratory Equipments (Digital oscilloscopes, Power Meters, Function Generators, Frequency Counters, Digital Multimeters and more)
  • and more..

Computing And Networking Lab

  • Microsoft Office
  • CAD Software
  • Android SDK
  • MySQL
  • BlueJ
  • Java
  • Network Monitoring tools
  • Network Testers
  • Windows and Linux Operating System
  • and more..

Student Teaching Ratio

APEC (English)


Top-Up Degrees

Post-Graduate & MBA

EEE Laboratory Sessionss

Classroom capacity

Classroom Capacity Dimension
Classroom 2-0 7 pax 16.28m²
Classroom 2-1 19 pax 28.6m²
Classroom 2-2 18 pax 27.68m²
Engineering Lab 1 39 pax 58.58m²
Engineering Lab 2 18 pax 27.68m²
Classroom 2-5 21 pax 26.8m²
Networking Lab 10 pax 26.8m²