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Specialist Diploma in Construction

6 Months -> Full-Time / Part-Part

The Specialist Diploma in Construction is designed for students who wanted to have a better understanding on the fundamental of construction, build up technical competencies and relevant skills for the construction industry.


You will learn how to communicate clearly with different construction project team members, work effectively with different workers in a team and differentiate common building and structural materials used in the construction industry.


At the end of the programme, students will be able to identify the best construction practices, building designs and construction methods.

Course Outline

Students will undertake 4 modules with a total of eighty hours of lecturers.

English Language in Construction
  • English Language Communication Skills
  • Language comprehension, language production and vocabulary
  • Technical Vocabulary used in Construction Operations
  • Curriculum Vitae and Interview Preparation
  • Exam – 0%
  • Coursework – 100%
  • Credit – 2
Life Skills in the Construction Industry
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with different members of a team
  • Learn how to work effectively with the different workers in a team
  • Learn how to handle problems in a pressurize environment
  • Apply Time management in the workplace
  • Learn how to maintain self-control and good attitude towards work
  • Exam – 0%
  • Coursework – 100%
  • Credit – 2
Introduction to Construction Science
  • Introduction to common building materials used in the construction industry
  • Properties and types of structural building materials
  • Energy system in a healthy and comfortable living environment
  • Requirements for handicap friendly design
  • Green Building and Green Mark
  • Exam – 0%
  • Coursework – 100%
  • Credit – 2
Introduction to Construction Technology
  • Best Construction Practices
  • Buildable Design
  • Sustainable Construction
  • BCA measure of productivity
  • Innovative design and new construction methods
  • Exam – 0%
  • Coursework – 100%
  • Credit – 2
Course Outcome
Students who successfully complete and pass the modules stipulated in the course structures will be awarded the Specialist Diploma in Construction from Auston Institute of Management.
Entry Requirement
Applicants aged 16 years or older are eligible to enter the Specialist Diploma programme with one of the following qualifications:


  • O Levels (GCE, GCSE, CIE or EDEXCEL); or
  • 10 years of foreign formal education or
  • Other applicants (mature students aged 30+, or with other working experience or with other qualifications) may be admitted on a case by case basis

Applicants whose first language is not English or whose previous qualification was not taught and assessed in English must provide evidence of attainment in English Language by achieving a proficiency in English with at least “Intermediate level” obtained in Auston Placement Test.

Course Fees


ModeDurationModuleTotal Course Fee
Full-Time6 Mths4SGD $3,800
Part-time6 Mths4SGD $3,800

Speak to our programme consultants for course fee promotion or progression rebate available.

  • Application fees for Singaporean/ PR/ EPass/ SPass/ WPass/ LTVPass : SGD $107.00 Non Refundable
  • Application fees International Student: SGD$ 481.50 Non Refundable
  • Total course fee cover University fee, admin fee, study material, fee protection scheme (FPS) and medical insurance.
  • Termly Instalment Plan. Available
  • All prices are subject to 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST).
  • Medical Insurance for part-time students will incur additional charge.
  • All fees are subjected to change annually.

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