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Skills or Paper qualifications? It Depends!


Skills or Paper qualifications? It Depends!

Channel News Asia reports that due to what society thinks, paper qualifications still largely determine the starting salary of individuals.

“[…] Employers acknowledged the reality that university graduates command a higher starting pay than non-graduates and that some jobs require professional degrees.”

What this means is that not all roles require degrees – you can get by with a good attitude and a reasonable skillset. However, this also means that in certain professional roles, degrees are a basic requirement. Which one are you in?

“The first limiting belief is that qualifications are all that matter…”

– Mr Heng Swee Keat (Minister for Education)

Minister Heng Swee Keat hit the nails on its head here. Who succeeds in life just holding a degree? But this has been a long known fact – the paper gets you through the door, your ability to perform the job, lets you stay there.

Increasingly – more and more companies have have pointed out that they look beyond paper qualifications when hiring or promotion employees. Here are 3 reasons why your paper qualifications must be balanced with a matching skill set..

1. Earning Your Promotion
Let’s pretend for a moment that employers are still looking for a “degree holder” above a “non-degree holder”. If you are a graduate you may get the job first. However, if you simply cannot perform, you may lose that job – or be overtaken by peers who do not have the same qualifications but are willing and able to do much more. Those “unqualified” peers may then get sponsored to earn their degree and may quickly surpass you to much higher achievements in their career. Just to be safe – make sure you apply clearly stating your current skill set and don’t rely on a piece of paper to get you through the hiring process.

2. Your 1 Unique Skill Will Not Last Forever
So you got hired by your employer because you were the only guy with this skill. Even if there were degree holders in the pool, you were chosen because only you could (let’s just say…) BUILD A CHAIR.

But one day, everyone in the village would have bought a chair from you and then your boss just won’t need you anymore. THEN HOW?

Therefore – an attitude towards lifelong learning and continuous improvement of oneself and personal qualifications is imperative to survive in the long run. Education is an investment that no one can take away from you; and only you can reap its benefits)

3. It Depends On Your Current Environment
Based on a survey released in early 2015, 38 out of every 100 Singaporean already holds a degree but there have never been more degree courses readily available to us.

On the other hand, Budget 2015 is handing out $500 per citizen. For WSQ courses, you could be further subsidize of up to 95%. This $500 just represents the 5 or 10% – that means you actually have up to $5000!

There has never been a more fertile ground for you to start you degree with Auston – or learn new skills through WSQ. What should I do? It depends on what role, industry, and stage of your career that you’re in. Assess the variables carefully and act accordingly.

If you’re looking for an educational qualification or more skills through WSQ, give us a call and we can have a chat about next steps – even if they are not with Auston.

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