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“WE are vying with the rest of the world in our technologically-driven global economy.”

Welcome to the Digital Age – a generation where technological advances are moving at a pace much faster than ever before. When it comes to Singapore’s job in-demand, BBC announced that IT Developers and Programmers tops the list of most wanted profession.

On why every HR team needs to focus on digital skills, Hays Journal* has this to say:

“This new generation will be those who code, develop apps, build websites and work on digital initiatives such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media […]”

On a global scale, the United Kingdom is making it mandatory that children ages 5 through 16 learn how to code starting third quarter this year. Thus, driving up the country’s competitiveness with other rapidly progressing nations.

In my personal opinion, WE are vying with the rest of the world in our technologically-driven global economy. Inculcating this sense of urgency would elevate us to greater heights through lifelong learning. Failure to do so might render us stagnant and irrelevant, which might ultimately cost us our employment.

Singaporeans should not just build deep skills. They should, as a matter of necessity, build a portfolio of deep skills […] Skills acquisition and deepening should not be confined to just one’s core competency.”– Straits Times on SkillsFuture initiative (4th March 2015) 

So where do we go from here? Think of it as a package deal. Why do we prefer a package deal? Because it is more attractive – affordable and contains a variety of benefits. Your company is thinking the same way. YOU can be THE perfect package.

Build up your skills portfolio with us today.

*Hays is the world’s leading recruiting experts.

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