Advanced Excel Course









Advanced Formatting
Considerations in Designing a Spreadsheet
Working with Cell Styles & Document Themes
Apply, Create & Manage Conditional Formatting
Creating a Custom Number Format
Working with Tables
Create a Table & working with the Total Row
Sorting & Filtering a Table
Formatting the Table
Converting to a Range
Advanced Functions and Formulas
Formulas with Multiple Operators
Using and Managing Defined Names
Using Mixed Cell Referencing
Date and Time Functions
Using Logical Functions (IF, AND and OR)
Using Lookup Functions
Mathematical and Statistical Functions
Using Financial, Text & Database Functions
Using 3D Reference within SUM Function

Validating Data and Auditing Worksheets
Using Data Validation
Auditing Tools
Displaying and Tracing Formulas
Understanding Formula Errors

Managing Charts
Editing, Adding, and Removing Chart Data
Changing Chart Data
Change Scales and Display Unit of the Axis
Add Secondary Axis & Change Series Chart Type
Changing and Aligning Data Labels and Chart Legend
Working with Data Ranges
Sorting by a Custom List
Creating a Custom AutoFilter
Using Advanced Filters

Working with PivotTables
Creating a PivotTable
Specifying PivotTable Data
Changing a PivotTable’s Calculation
Filtering and Sorting a PivotTable
Working with PivotTable Layout
Grouping PivotTable Items
Updating & Formatting a PivotTable
Creating a PivotChart
Using Slicers between PivotTables
Analyzing Data
Creating Scenarios
Working with Data Tables
Using Goal Seek
Using Text to Columns
Grouping and Outlining Data
Using Subtotals
Consolidating Data by Position or Category
Working with Macros
Recording a Macro
Playing and Deleting a Macro
Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar


  • Full Course Fees $481.50
  • Fees for Singapore Citizens (Aged Below 40 yrs) $121.50
  • Fees for Singapore Citizens (Aged 40 yrs +) $76.50
  • Fees for Permanent Residents $121.50

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