Intermediate Excel Training









Editing a Worksheet
Editing Cell Contents
Copy and Moving Cells & Clipboard
Checking Spelling
Insert & Delete Cells, Rows & Columns
Using Undo and Redo
Finding and Replacing Content
Adding Comments to Cells

Formulas and Functions
Overview of Formulas and Cell References
Entering Formulas
Formulas with Multiple Operators
Inserting and Editing a Function
Using Logical Functions
Displaying and Printing Formulas
Understanding Formula Errors

Formatting a Worksheet
Formatting Text & Values
Adjusting Row Height and Column Width
Working with Cell Alignment
Adding Cell Borders & Background Colours
Copying Formatting

Working with Data Ranges
Sort by One & Multiple Columns
Filtering Data

Managing Workbooks

Using Workbook Views
Select, Switch, Insert, Delete, Rename, Move & Copy Worksheets
Splitting and Freezing a Window
Creating Headers and Footers
Hide Rows, Columns, Worksheets & Windows
Setting the Print Area
Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation
Adding Print Titles, Gridlines, Row & Column Headings
Adjusting Paper Size & Print Scale
Printing Worksheets and Workbooks

Creating and Working with Charts
Choosing and Selecting the Source Data
Choosing the Right Chart & Elements
Inserting, Moving and Resizing a Chart
Editing, Adding, and Removing Chart Data
Change Chart Data, Layout, Style & Labels
Changing the Chart Gridlines
Emphasizing Data
Applying Different Chart Type
Modifying Chart Background
Formatting Chart Elements

Customizing Excel
Customizing the Ribbon
Quick Access Toolbar
Excel’s Default Options

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