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Key Course Information

Ref ID   CRS-Q-0023439-BM

Course Length   8.5 hours (1 day) 

Min Class Size   12 pax

Mode of Delivery    Workshop

Course Fees    SGD 195.00 (Before funding) 

Awarded by   WDA

Venue    Auston Institute of Management


* Course fees exclusive GST 7%

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WSQ – Apply Basic Negotiation Skills & Techniques

Course Synopsis

This unit covers a careful exploration of technique between your position and the other person’s position, with the goal of finding a mutually acceptable compromise that gives you both as much of what you want as possible. Learning Skills that enable you to identify, prepare, evaluate to achieve the organization objective.


Course Outline

  1. Identify negotiation outcomes in commercial situations to establish organization’s desired position in the negotiation.
  2. Identify roles and responsibilities needed to support negotiation objectives
  3. Prepare relevant background information to understand other parties’ position.
  4. Use negotiation processes and techniques to assist in achieving desired negotiation outcomes
  5. Record negotiations for evaluation and documentation purposes




Funding Type(s) Available

WDA Funding of up to 95% of course fees and Absentee Payroll. Fees listed do not reflect Absentee Payroll calculations. To calculate this funding type, please visit


This course is recommended for any organization that requires staff to apply negotiation technique in their daily activities, applying a set skill that can benefit company dealing and transaction with proper basic training.

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