Display Critical Thinking and Analysis 

2-Day Course To Improve Reasoning Skills and Deepen Understanding Abilities, Subsidized For SC & PR, From Just $45

WSQ – Display Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

This Is The #2 Skill To Have by 2020. Do You Have It?

Equip Your Team With Future-Ready Skills.

How often are we led astray by personal biases? Ever experienced an all-embarrassing miscommunication? We hope to resolve this eye-opening 2-day course.

This unit covers developing one’s critical thinking mind set, challenging and rethinking ideas, solving problems within own scope of work, reporting and making recommendations on business issues and enhancing creative thinking skills among team members.


Course Outline

  1. Develop a critical thinking mind set
  2. Identify business constraints and issues
  3. Develop process to challenges and provide insights
  4. Demonstrate problem solving skills within own scope of work
  5. Identify relevant stakeholders and supporters
  6. Enhance creative thinking within teams
  7. Methods to apply logical inquiry to issues
  8. Challenges to creativity
  9. Ways to encourage critical thinking in organizations

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Key Course Information

Ref ID   CRS-Q-0023050-BM

Course Length   16 hours (2 days) 

Course Dates   TBC

Mode of Delivery    Workshop Style

Course Fees    From $45 For Singapore Citizens and PRs.
Pls enquire for funding status.

Awarded by   WDA

Venue    Auston Institute of Management


All Course Runs Subject To Minimum Class Size
* Course fees exclusive GST 7%

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Funding Type(s) Available

WDA Funding of up to 95% of course fees and Absentee Payroll. Fees listed do not reflect Absentee Payroll calculations. To calculate this funding type, please visit http://www.skillsconnect.gov.sg/


This course is recommended for any organization that requires staff to show attention to detail, initiative and hopes to empower them through relevant training

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