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Key Course Information

Ref ID   CRS-Q-0024371-BM

Course Length   16 hours (2 days) 

Course Dates 25&26 May, 19&20 June, 27&28 July

Min Class Size   12 pax

Mode of Delivery    Workshop

Course Fees    SGD 450.00 (Before funding)

Awarded by   WDA

Venue    Auston Institute of Management

* Course fees exclusive GST 7%

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WSQ – Participate in Negotiations

Course Synopsis

This competency unit gives a context to the process of negotiation and presents advice for effective and ethical negotiation


Course Outline

1 ) Plan and prepare alternatives and outcomes for both parties in negotiations to support negotiation objectives.
• Negotiation defined
• Why negotiate?
• Negotiation Planning and  Preparation process
• Negotiation objectives
• Context of Negotiation
• Negotiation Categories
• Pre Negotiation Checklist
• Legal Constraints and Obligations
• Ethical Constraints
• Components of Negotiation Plans
• MDO versus LAA
• What is BATNA?
2 ) Apply communication and conflict resolution techniques to achieve desired negotiation outcomes.
• Communication Techniques
• Information and inputs from colleagues
• Importance of information
• Examples of information input
• Feedback from the ‘other party’
• Body languages makes difference
• Negotiation Techniques
• Conflict Style
• IBR Approach
• Conflict Resolution : Benefits
3 ) Finalise negotiation and take necessary follow up actions to close negotiation.
• Follow up Actions
• Identifying a Safe Break points
• Confirm Mutual Understanding of Established Successes
• Summarizing Agreements
4 ) Monitor and evaluate negotiation outcomes against objectives in accordance with organisational procedures.
• Evaluate your preparation
• Evaluate the process
• Evaluate the outcome
• Learn from your negotiations




Funding Type(s) Available

WDA Funding of up to 95% of course fees and Absentee Payroll. Fees listed do not reflect Absentee Payroll calculations. To calculate this funding type, please visit


This course is recommended for Senior Executive, Assistant Managers , Managers involve in the business development and negotiation execution in their organisation.

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