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Beginners Computer Courses in Singapore

basic computer courses

What are the Basic Computer Skills Needed for Work?

There are a number of basic computer skills. Broadly speaking there are 2 core areas:

  • Computer Hardware

  • Computer Software (Software Applications)

It’s very understandable that you may be confused by the sheer number of brands and applications that exist out there. Here are a few of our favourites, as they are widely used by professionals in various fields:

Software Application Skills

  1. Microsoft Office (Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

  2. Google Chrome

  3. Digital Marketing

Computer Hardware Skills

  1. Basic computer troubleshooting (like connecting all the pieces together)

  2. Basic computer network

  3. ing (like connecting to wifi)

  4. Effective typing skills (60 wpm or higher)

I’m a Total Beginner. Where Should I Start?

For starters, absolutely do NOT start with ONLINE courses.

Why? Because if you’re trying to learn basic computer skills, you might not even be able to connect to the online course in the first place!

Secondly, you may not have an effective computer at home. Good basic computer courses will provide access to standard quality computers for you to hone your computer skills.

Thirdly, if you’re learning hardware, it may foster better understanding to be in a training room with the ability to see, touch and interact with objects.

Try short courses!

With all the new inventions and innovations nowadays, technology can be extremely overwhelming. You will feel like you are drinking from a firehose.

Luckily, short courses manage to parse down all this information into key, bite-sized pieces suitable for beginners. These courses should be 1 to 3 days long which is just enough for you to get used to the user interface of the computer.

Building off that, each separate software application should take another 1 to 3 days to learn. Some are faster and some are slower. Just go at your own pace! This is a marathon – not a sprint.

If you take a short course from Auston, you can expect to receive a certificate upon successful completion of our mini-assessments at the end.

If you’re a mid-career professional, this will most definitely lead you to better career opportunities as it is rare to find senior workers with qualified computer skills.

Ideally, you should be able to use the computer without much assistance by the end of your course. This is definitely one of the most essential basic computer skills for a digital working environment in 2022.

How to Choose Basic Computer Courses

learn microsoft office

A simple course, like an introduction to computer hardware that only covers keyboards and laptops, should not take more than 1 day. If such courses are longer, they should be a maximum of 2 days with extensive hands-on assistance.

More importantly, if the training provider DOES NOT PROVIDE COMPUTERS, DO NOT GO THERE.

All proper computer training centres should provide reasonably new computers for you to use. You should not be asked to bring your own laptop for a beginner’s computer course – ever.

Once you are equipped with the basics of operating a computer, we can dive into software applications.

We don’t mean for you to go straight into programming skills and computer science! Those are much too advanced and a more appropriate pursuit for those with more in-depth knowledge.

Instead, we would recommend courses that cover basic computer skills for Microsoft Office, such as:

  1. An introduction to Microsoft excel

  2. A to Z of Microsoft PowerPoint

  3. Everything you need to know about Microsoft Word

At Auston, every class is taught by a Microsoft master in a structured learning environment. Our courses are largely designed to make you eligible for a computer-based job anywhere in the world for the foreseeable future.

If you’re looking for something slightly challenging, we recommend a short course on networking hardware. Most homes in Singapore will have a wifi network and knowing the basics of setting this up with some essential cybersecurity will really make your life so much more comfortable.

Level Up Your Computer Skills at Auston

Rest assured, Auston provides computer courses that are useful in everyday life to make your investment truly worthwhile.

Remember that paper qualifications and formal education can only take one so far – employers need employees who get the job done. Having the computer skills to successfully complete complex tasks will help you stand out.

You don’t need a deep understanding of computer skills and how computers work. You need just enough to get the work done.

Browse our list of computer courses for beginners to advanced learners:

  1. Microsoft Excel (Level 1)

  2. Microsoft Excel (Level 2)

  3. Microsoft Excel (Level 3)

  4. Microsoft Word (All-In-One)

  5. Microsoft PowerPoint (All-In-One)

Interested for registration? Want to learn a skill not listed here?

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So What Should I Do Now?

We recommend that you start looking for degree programmes and hopefully, you choose us.

Many people ask where do I start.  

Everyone starts in different place. Your past qualifications and work experience is critical in determining where you go and start. If you’d like to speak to a consultant about joining, please complete the form below and we can get back to you about fees, duration and more.

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