Project Management

More than just a management diploma Singapore

Specialist Diploma in Project Management

This is a management diploma in Singapore that is designed for O Level and NITEC qualified students. Upon completion they will be ready to undertake the project management processes at most businesses.

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Rewrite Your Future With Express Foundation

This course is designed as an entry programme for students from secondary, or equivalent, backgrounds. Students without O Levels, NITEC, or Higher NITEC, lack the fundamental mental and study skills to embark on higher education. But with this course, you can qualify for university entry in just 6 short months.

  • Recognized as University-Level Foundation
  • Learn the Ability to plan, manage, implement processes
  • Learn how to monitor goals and meet them
  • Designed for junior staff to learn corporate coordination skills
  • Trains you to understand big picture as well as detailed issues to make meaningful contributions at work.


6 months 
(5 days per week, 3 hours each)


6 months
(2 days per week, up to 3 hours each)





The Diploma Modules

  • Project Planning Skills for Organization
  • The Competencies for Supervising Projects
  • Project Quality and Process Management
  • Project Risk Management

The Faster Pathway To Higher Qualifications


Minimum Age

16 years of age in the year of application

Minimum Academic Qualifications

– O Levels (Minimum 3 Passes) or 10 years of formal education (e.g. SPM)

– NITEC (any subject) or equivalent (e.g.NTC2)

– Higher NITEC (any subject) or equivalent (e.g. NTC3)

– Other Foundation Diplomas (e.g. Diploma in Business Administration)

Mature and Adult Learners

At least 30 years of age and 8 years of working experience may be admitted on a case by case basis with a minimum of 10 years of formal education and certificates that is deemed equivalent by the Academic Board.

English Proficiency

– A Pass (C6) or better for O Levels; or

– A minimum of IELTS 4.5 or equivalent; or

– An equivalent qualification with demonstrated equivalence to the CEFR at level B2 or higher.

Entry Requirements


Fees and Charges


Local Students

Application Fee:

Course Fees:

*Fees stated include course fees, admin fees, FPS 

We do not charge examination fee for first attempt. Subsequent attempts are chargeable.

International Students

Application Fee:
$272.50 + $45*
*VISA Processing Fees Payable to ICA

Course Fees:

*Fees stated include course fees, admin fees, FPS 

Note for International Students:
When applying through our international representatives, (i.e. Agents) students should NOT pay any course fees, admin fees, application fees, or other wise to the agents in their home country. All fees should be paid directly to the school, as indicated in your offer letter. There is extensive preparation required to study in Singapore and students are encouraged to prepare their educational statements and proof of prior qualification before applying. This course will be fully conducted in the English Language

Typical Career Outcomes




Auston Institute of Management is a Singapore based Higher Education provider who has been providing qualifications and upgrading opportunities to students in the Engineering and Technology industry since 1996.

Our graduates have gone on to work in many large local companies and multi-national corporations alike. Just like many of our graduates who have gone before you, this course could lead to the next stage in your career.

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It’s time to prepare for the next phase of your career. You’ve got the will. And, by taking one module at a time toward a degree, you’ve got the way.

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