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Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The module selection in this course is special because it is designed to attract and train mechanical engineers for the future.

Unlike other programmes, we did not confine our area of study to just mechanics, but involved the aspects of electronics and programming too.

Intakes: Feb, June, Sep
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  • Learn core engineering subjects
  • Pickup essential skills for a career in engineering
  • Become qualified for entry-level engineering roles
  • Learn to work with materials
  • Develop critical soft skills
  • Boost your portfolio of work so you can impress future employers

Pathway To A University Degree

This programme is pending articulation.

Once it is formally articulated to a degree-awarding university, it will be recognized as an essential part of the UK University Degree programme and equivalent to the first 1.5 years of a standard 3 year degree.

Foundation Diploma

Higher Diploma

Bachelors Degree

Actual Student Projects

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Modules In This Course

Fluid Dynamics

Liquids and Gases behave differently
from solids. Fluid dynamics is the study
of the flow of fluids and gases and is
fundamental in understanding
geological science, aerospace, and
technological application such as
rockets, wind turbines and oil pipelines.


A common module in any mechanical
engineering programme,
Thermodynamics is the science that
deals with the transfer of heat and
other forms of energy and their
relationships. This module covers the 3
laws of thermodynamics, system
analysis, and entropy

Energy and Environment

This module explores the generation of
power and the relationship to the
environment, and the finances of
generating and selling power. We will
also explore the basic mechanisms of
heat transfer and their role in energy.

Introduction to Programming

Coding translates instructions to electronics . There are many languages out there but few engineers stray far from the core of the C-language. This will cover the basics, through to data, input and output, control, arrays, and database language.

Project Management

Companies are now becoming more project-based than ever and people are expected to lead or function as part of a project team. This module will provides the skills and covers a wide variety of tools that every young technical profession should know, from conceptualization to closure of any projects.

Engineering Mechanics

Mechanics is the study of motion. When
combined in the engineering field,
students will undertake the study of
stationary and moving forces and it’s
effect on scenarios from the real world.
This is an essential skill to avoid the
risks of perpetual real life testing.

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering math is the language of engineers. This module covers differentiation, integration, complex numbers, matrix and determinatnts, differential equations, fourier, and power series.

Material Science & Manufacturing

In manufacturing, students must know
what type of materials exist, their
properties, and how they can be

Engineering Mathematics 2

Building on the previous base of mathematics, this will go further and cover Fourier transforms, laplace, Z-transforms, and linear differential equations.


Students undertake an internship at the end of this first course to ensure that they have a strong understanding of the demands of the work place. Internships are recommended to take place in Singapore and should last between 4 and 6 months.

Career Opportunities

  • Supervises, and/or coordinates the work activities of subordinates.

    Assists in the design and fabrication of mechanical engineering projects, systems, or equipment.

    Performs engineering calculations by calculator or computer to solve routine engineering problems.

    Assists in the development of engineering drawings including plans and specifications based on calculations.

    Assists in the troubleshooting of systems and equipment and performs repair under close supervision.

    Assists in the preparation of project presentations to explain progress of project, which includes preparing routine graphic illustrations, charts and drawings.

    Requisitions components and supplies for engineering projects, interacting with vendors to obtain price and product information.

Develop all aspects of engineering design based on expertise: mechanical, electrical, safety, PLC/HMI/robotic programming

Ensure all solutions comply with product design specifications

Generate revision-controlled design and user documentation

Conduct training for equipment operators and maintenance technicians

Troubleshoot, support and continuously improve existing automated solutions

Research and development of new, cutting edge automation concepts

Implement/Review routine preventive maintenance programs.

Prepare budget and cost control measures for the areas under his/ her responsibilities.

Respond to emergency calls after office hours.

Plan corrective maintenance works.


12 months (Full-Time)

16 months (Part-Time)

Delivery Mode

Full-Time: Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6:30pm

Part-Time: Mondays to Fridays, 7pm t0 10pm

Mode of Assessment

Written Reports, Presentations, Examinations, Projects, and Interviews

Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete all modules unless granted a compensation pass, or module exemptions.

Minimum Age
18 years of age in the year of application

Minimum Academic Qualifications

– Auston Foundation Certificate Programme; or

– GCE ‘A’ Level with 3 passes; or

– A polytechnic of PEI Diploma from non-relevant major; or

– 12 years of formal education (including standardized tests)

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants with other equivalent qualifications based on Singapore criterion may be given exemptions on academic qualifications

Mature Candidates

At least 30 years of age and 8 years of working experience may be admitted on a case by case basis with a minimum of 10 years of formal education and certificates that is deemed equivalent by the Academic Board.

English Proficiency

– C6 or better for O Levels

– IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

– PTE Academic 43

– CEFR B2 or higher

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International Students
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