Microsoft Office Courses Singapore: Excel, Word & PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Courses Singapore: Excel, Word & PowerPoint

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What’s in the Microsoft Office Suite anyway?

The MS Office suite, which was first unveiled by Bill Gates over 30 years ago, contained the Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or, in other words, The Holy Trinity of software.

While several features have been added since its initial release, the fundamental products have remained mostly unchanged.

In addition to the original three of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft Office also now includes Access, Publisher, OneNote, and Outlook, all of which work together flawlessly.

Microsoft Excel

A software that helps you store data in a structured way, it’s quite possibly the most popular software on the planet for organising such data.

We have quite a few SkillsFuture Singapore subsidized courses in this software.

We have introductory courses that cover basic understanding of the software like simple cell references all the way through to master classes that cover advanced spreadsheet functions. MS Excel is, in a way, a form of basic programming where we use logical functions.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Originally, MS PowerPoint was meant purely for presentation functions but as time went on, it because a very useful tool for designing information transfer documents like sales kits, standard operating procedures, and more.

In our training courses for this software, we take you through the essential functions of making a PowerPoint presentation via hands-on practical sessions.

Microsoft Word

Ok. I got it wrong. MS Word is probably the most popular software in the world.

It is used for word processing functions – but what does that even mean?

Well, before you print out something on a piece of paper or create a digital document, this is where you write it digitally. The practical applications of Microsoft Word are quite endless. In our fundamental course, we cover font styles, page numbers, text boxes, font size, font color, and more.

Microsoft Access, Publisher, Outlook

Access is used for databases that are bigger than Excel can handle.

Publisher is used for publication layouts like newsletters and newspapers.

Microsoft Outlook is a computer-based email management tool. These days, however, most people use browser-based emails.

Core Microsoft Office Skills

All that seems a lot to handle. How can Microsoft Office training courses cover it all?

Luckily, according to, there are only a number of core Microsoft Office skills you need to know in order to get through your average workday:

  • Creating spreadsheets

  • Creating tables

  • Creating pivot tables

  • Running and creating macros

  • Data analysis

  • Data visualization

  • Validating data

  • Creating documents

  • Managing tables of content

  • Preparing documents for print

  • Proofreading and editing copy

  • Creating slideshows

  • Embedding video and images

Brief Overview of Our Microsoft Office Training Courses

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Because of the variety of use in each of the applications, our courses are taught based on each software. That is Excel, Word, and Powerpoint – however, due to the complexity of Excel it has 3 different levels!

All our courses have short durations of just 1 to 3 days and are conducted face-to-face.

We touch on fundamental knowledge for each of the various applications and adopt extensive hands-on practical training so you have a good grasp of each software.

Browse our list of courses below for beginners through to advanced learners:

  1. Microsoft Excel (Level 1)

  2. Microsoft Excel (Level 2)

  3. Microsoft Excel (Level 3)

  4. Microsoft Word (All-In-One)

  5. Microsoft PowerPoint (All-In-One)

We’re actively developing new courses and are open to ideas! If there’s something specific you’re looking for, please let us know and we’ll do our best to provide it for you.

Be a Microsoft Office Pro with Auston

With a good understanding of Microsoft Office, you will be able to apply your skills in every aspect of your life, from work to home.

All our Microsoft Office courses do not have entry requirements. As classes are in high demand, please sign up early. If the class you are in is overbooked you will be given prior notice before we reschedule you.

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