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What Jobs Can I Get with a Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics Engineering Degree?

Having a mechanical engineering degree can open you to a window of job opportunities. There are thousands of students across the world who venture into this discipline due to its high marketability across different industries. This course is ideal for those who are curious about how mechanical things operate.

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What Is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the maintenance, analysis, design, and manufacture of tiny machine parts to the entire machine itself. It is related to other engineering disciplines like aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering in many ways.

What is Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics is a discipline in engineering that combines the skills of electrical, mechanical, and computer science in developing autonomous systems. There are many mechatronic jobs in the market, including automation controls engineer, maintenance controls engineer, and systems engineer. System integrator jobs include solution and system integrator, specialist solution integrator, and active directory integrator.


Subjects you should study at school to do a mechanical engineering degree

Most universities only admit new students who have a strong background in math and physics. But those who have studied other sciences like chemistry, have chances of being enrolled. Each university has its grade requirements, so check before applying.


Top Six Career Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Students

Mechanical Engineer 

Mechanical engineering is the most common job for most graduates in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers refer to the inventors who are specialized in the development, design and crafting of mechanical devices. They invent new objects such as engines, sensors, automotive parts, air conditioners, electric generators, and more. If you are enthusiastic about new technologies and love both math and science, then this career path is right for you.

Industrial Engineer 

The task of the modern industrial engineers is to maximize efficiency. Industrial engineers’ experts apply the knowledge of mechanical engineering and math in solving problems that occur during the production or manufacture of various products. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you’ll find others working in niches like transport and healthcare industries to improve the efficiency of these organizations’ hiring workflow.

A mechanical engineer in the Aerospace Industry

As a mechanical engineer, you’ll be able to work with new technologies, i.e., advanced materials and highly efficient HVAC systems, and even including suggested additions and requirements into the latest designs of different aviation products.

As your career advances, you may get a chance to lead in the innovation of newer technologies like a unique power gearbox and advanced composite fan blades. Or you could lead the engineering systems that will be at the forefront in advocating for these technologies.

Automotive Engineer

There is a myriad of ways in which a company can improve its existing automotive technology. This is where automotive engineers come into play as they can handle automotive tasks pretty well. With this role, you’ll need to learn how to develop new automotive safety technologies, fuel-efficient engineers, new car parts, and any other innovation during your tenure in this career.

Biomedical Engineer

If you are undecided about trying a career in engineering or healthcare, then being a biomedical engineer will feel like joining the two. Biomedical engineers are at the forefront of developing medical innovations like prosthetic limbs. If you want to become one, then you’ll use your engineering skills and methods to create new software, medical devices, or anything useful in the healthcare sector.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineer

HVAC engineers study the temperature and air quality of the environments in which their devices operate. They also come with new ways of improving the available HVAC and/or refrigeration systems. With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, your path to joining this career is clear.


Besides the six options, there are numerous job opportunities you will get with a mechanical engineering degree. Provided you have the right attitude, and your math and science skills are top-notch, then joining any of the career choices above will be much easier.

Networking Specialist

The work of computer network architects is to design and build data communication networks such as wide area networks (WANs) and Local Area Networks (LAN). These networks range from simple connections to complex cloud infrastructures that serve thousands of customers.


Design Engineer

The operations of design processes are important for anyone who want a career in the design and manufacture of products. The work of a design engineer is to consider various issues such as sustain inability, environment and legislation during the design of products.

For products to achieve success in the marketplace, they should match customers’ purpose as well as their requirements. Therefore, the work of a design engineer is the technical aspects of many company projects, i.e. electronic products and other machines design. For instance, they make the design of the product more user-oriented in features such as buttons, handles and other parts people touch or see.


Robotics Engineer

One of the top reasons a mechanical engineering degree is in high demand is due to its strong technical robotic foundations it teaches the learners. With a degree in mechatronics engineering, you will access many opportunities that will propel you for an amazing career of mechatronics in healthcare and medical fields. Whether you will work for advanced manufacturing or military depends on you.

Your task will be to develop robotic solutions for improving the quality, quantity and productivity of manufacturing. Also, you will be controlling and troubleshooting mechanical and electrical equipment to ensure that they comply with the industry standards.


Top Mechanical Engineers Employers in Singapore

  1.   Schlumberger
  2.   Halliburton 
  3.   HP Inc.
  4.   Schneider Electric
  5.   Continental
  6.   Sulzer
  7.   SembCorp
  8.   MHWirth
  9.   WSP
  10. Smith & Nephew 

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest yet important disciplines in the engineering field. It has been divided into numerous sub-disciplines like thermodynamics, mechanics, and structural analysis. Mechanical engineers design and maintain mechanical systems.

This degree has many job opportunities, and with companies on the lookout for new graduates, getting a job won’t be daunting as you might think.

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