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Specialist Diploma Courses in Singapore

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What is a Specialist Diploma and How Is It Useful?

It’s a diploma that is higher than national vocational technical education, like a NITEC. Yet somewhere below the academia and theory of a university-level course. It was put together to represent both the individual level of specialized skill that a graduate may have, and also demonstrate that the student has acquired the necessary foundation skills to enter university.

Students who finish the taught modules of selected specialist diplomas will embark on an internship with local companies in a relevant area to their course. This provides the opportunity for students to convert to permanent employees with their host organization (if offered). 

But since this course is conveniently structured as a university-foundation course, students may also continue for their university studies if they so choose.

Our Courses

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Specialist Diploma in Project Management

An accelerated programme for students in Singapore from various backgrounds to get into a university programme fast.
Strongly recommended for O Level or NITEC holders

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Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Technology

A short course that equips you with service skills, training in industry-essential technology, and introduction to the hospitality industry in 2020. Join the new class of service and tech workers.

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Specialist Diploma in Business Information Technology

A quick course on all the essential technology that is used in small businesses today and how they can be used to increase speed of business, or manage the cost of operations.

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Specialist Diploma in Process, Instrumentation and Control

Designed to prepare workers for a IoT-enabled factory environment, this course is built to combine the essentials of mechanical equipment and an electronic operating environment.

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Join our Specialist Diplomas at Auston Because:


Amazingly Efficient Course Structure

Not only can you quickly qualify for a university-level course, but you can also learn deep skills that may be relevant for your future career.


Industry Exposure Through Internships

Don't make the mistake of waiting till you graduate before you start understanding the real world of work - Our courses have internships.


Keep Your Pathway Options Open

The course is designed to maximize your options upon completion. You can apply to continue working locally, or join a university-level course.

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