Part Time Diploma in Singapore

These part time diplomas include the essential skills and knowledge you'll need to enter the industry.

A part time diploma is an indication to your employer or future-employer that you have the essential skills to do the job. If you’re looking to enter industries such as electronics, manufacturing, telecommunications, IT or similar then a diploma is what you need to get in.

These courses are designed for students with a variety of backgrounds from O Levels to A Levels to NITECs, Higher NITECs and even WSQ Employability certificates – You bring your best and we’ll do the rest.*

Entry requirements from vary from course to course and to verify if you’re qualify for entry, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the course pages.

Get A Recognized Certificate in Engineering

Our part time diplomas are designed for adult learners are cover the same content that is studied in our full time programme. In fact, the full time and part time diploma courses are identical in structure and design. Adult learners will feel comforted that this course is part of a 2.5 year pathway to a UK awarded degree. Upon completion of these diplomas there is a a higher diploma or degree awaiting for you. 

Engineering Diplomas in High Demand, Emerging Skills

These courses have a minimum entry requirement of at least O Levels, NITEC, or Higher.

Making design process

Specialist Diploma in
Project Management

Typically junior staff are left to do menial tasks like organize refreshments and process repetitive work - but what if you could really excel at it? This course prepares you run projects like it was your natural-born talent. Available part time.

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Specialist Diploma in
Business I.T.

Designed with the modern office executive in mind, this course revisits the Organizations use for I.T. and how it is used in managing workflows aroung the office. Also included is a module on data analytics for reports. Available part time

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Specialist Diploma in Process, Instrumentation, and Control

Mega factories are not run by people - they're run by a system called a DCS. But these impossibly complex solutions are managed by people. This is the course sets you on the right path for a career in DCS operations. Available part time

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Higher Diplomas in Industry-Focused, Essential Skills

These courses have a minimum entry requirement of at least A Levels or equivalent.
Mature students (>30yrs) may be admitted on a case by case basis.


Higher Diploma in
Engineering Technology

The demand for technicians has always been constant but with industry 4.0, COVID19 and 5G, the industries expectation of technicians capabilities have never been higher. This course covers all the essentials to get your started. Available part time.

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Higher Diploma in
Mechanical Engineering

If you prefer to work with your hands and big machines, then another critical role is that of machine operators or process technicians. This course ensures that they are educated beyond the basics and into tomorrow's needs. Available part time.

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Internet photo

Higher Diploma in
Infrastructure & Networks

The world is getting increasingly connected, and networks are what link us all. Beyond the basic understanding of the user's workstation, modern admins will have to understand networks, cloud technology, virtualization and more: All Here. Available part time.

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What Is The Pathway To A Degree?


All programmes ultimately lead to a top-up degree. Our University partner who awards our degrees is UWE-Bristol:

  • Ranked 21st by The Guardian League Tables Guide 2021
  • Ranked 7th Building and Country Planning (Guardian, 2020)
  • Ranked 23rd Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Guardian, 2020)
  • Ranked 20th Mechanical Engineering (Guardian, 2020)

Here's The Top Reasons That People Choose To Study With Us:


Qualify For That Promotion

Many of our students report that they get passed over for promotions because although they have extensive industry experience, they lack the paper qualifications. With a degree, you won't miss the opportunity!


Become Sought After Talent

Having a degree in a tight-labour market just means there are more people looking for someone like you with these rare and unique skills. We've specially chosen our degree titles so that graduates are more likely to succeed!


Get Recognized by Industry

There are many organizations such as SingTel, United Technologies, Rolls-Royce, and others who regularly sponsor their staff to study degrees with us. We believe that this represents how much they trust our quality and graduates.

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The pathway to higher education is long.
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